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  • City with a very rich history
  • the Cloth Hall
  • the renovated Market Place
  • St. Martin’s Cathedral
  • St.  George’s Memorial Church  (= an Anglican church built in 1928 –29)
  • the Ramparts
  • the Menin Gate (the last Post is sounded every evening at 8 p.m.)
  • “In Flanders Fields Museum” (= a war museum for peace)
  • A lot of rural roads are perfectly suited for cycling.  They have an approximate length of 45km such as the Route of Peace,  passing along so many cemeteries.
  • De In Flanders Fields Route per auto (80 km) en kennis maken met een aantal belangrijke sites uit W.O. I
  • An ideal day trip by car to discover a number of important World War I sites and other regional highlights is the “In Flanders Fields Route”  that starts at Ieper and follows several secondary roads  (important stop at Essex Farm with the John McCrae shelter outside Ieper on the way to Dixmude  (Boezinge).
  • a very attractive Theme Park close to Ypres (our neighbours)


  • the second lake in the surroundings.


  • The lake and Astrolab “Iris”.


  • is a hilly country with a splendid panorama from the « Rode Berg » (Red Hill)  (cable-railway)  to the church of Loker and largely to the North of France.


  • The largest Commonwealth cemetery  « Tyne Cot »   (= 3rd Battle of Ieper  June-November 1917).

  • Cheese  Museum.


  • The smallest town in Belgium with its Irish « Tower of Peace ».


  • “The City of the hop”.  The National Hop Museum,  the Hopcountry.  Circuit along a lot of Hop Gardens;  the famous Pub Games Tour and Talbot House  (T. Clayton 1915).


  • “The Butter Town”.  A lovely town,  well-known for its specialities as butter, cheese and butter cakes.  The fascinating Great War history and the historical remembrances to it  :  the Yzer Tower,  the Trench of Death,  the Town Centre  and the typical Beguinage.


  • a very charming city nearby the Belgian coast  (Belfry, Town Hall,  nice Market Place,  several references to the Spanish period  (architectural style in the centre).  Bread Museum.

De Panne - Koksijde

  • Sun, sea, sand in a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. The Paul Delvaux museum of painting  (St. Idesbald).





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