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Some of the heaviest fighting of the First World War occurred in the grounds of the old chateau at Hooghe, home of the Baron de Vinck.



De Britten hadden er hun hoofdkwartier gevestigd.

30 octobre 1914

Six British staff officers killed by shellfire whilst in conference at the chateau.

21 February 1915

The Germans exploded an underground mine at Hooghe.

May 1915

The chateau was captured by the Germans for the first time.

19 July 1915

The British exploded an underground mine which left a crater 16 metres deep and 40 metres across. A specially formed tunnelling company had burrowed 65 metres to a position beneath a German strongpoint and planned nearly two tonnes of Ammonal, the most powerful explosive of the time. The crater was immediately rushed and occupied by the British infantry. Today the crater is a small lake just in front of the hotel.

30 July 1915

The Germans, using flamethrowers, captured the crater and adjacent trenches. This was the first use of flamethrowers against British troops.

9 August 1915

Despite heavy losses the British succeeded in recapturing the crater although the shattered remains of the chateau, only a hundred metres distant, remained in German hands.

25 september 1915

A British attack at Hooghe failed at a cost of some 4000 casualties.

6 June 1916

As part of a larger attack and with the detonation of four more underground mines, the Germans captured all the British positions at Hooghe.

night 12 July 1917

Mustard Gas was used by the Germans for the first time.

31 July 1917

The start of the Third Battle of Ypres. Hooghe was recaptured by the British.

21 March 1918

As part of their Spring Offensive the Germans recaptured Hooghe and almost took Ypres.

28 September 1918

Hooghe was captured for the last time as the British 86 Brigade, under the overall command of the King of the Belgians pushed the Germans eastwards towards Germany and the Armistice.


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